Posted by: marky48 | November 2, 2012

Warm Front Synopsis


93,170 words

JACK SHELDON, a wildlife biologist at the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, tries to land his plane in Fairbanks, Alaska amid flooding conditions. He recalls the first Chena Global Warming Conference in nearby Chena Hot Springs three years earlier.

Sheldon meets with his best friend, SAM EMORY, a climate science reporter, before the conference presentations. Scientists predict the possibility of an abrupt “climate flip.” Environmental entrepreneur LAWRENCE TISDALE announces his offer of 500 million dollars to anyone who can develop a viable carbon sequestration technology to stave off catastrophic climate change. Sheldon and Emory become spokesmen in Tisdale’s public service announcements and targets of Tisdale’s arch nemesis, SENATOR RICHARD LAMPSON, who’s connected to World Tech Central, a web of free market think tanks funded by industries against environmental regulation. Internet threats become physical assaults when Sheldon and Emory speak on TV and Emory’s climate stories appear in national syndication.

Sheldon meets Senator Lampson’s daughter, ROBIN LAMPSON, and they eventually fall in love. She’s an attorney in Washington, D.C., and her father’s opposite. Sheldon, a confirmed bachelor, grapples with the memories of a previous relationship while fighting the Senator’s disapproval of him on all levels.

Sheldon testifies in D.C. before Congress about climatic change in the Arctic. He and Robin have a romantic rendezvous, which her furious father interrupts. The next day, Robin’s strange behavior causes Sheldon to question her sincerity. Later, WTC operatives tamper with his plane, causing him to crash on a dwindling ice floe in the Arctic Ocean north of Kaktovik.

Sheldon, Emory, Tisdale and crew tape a public service announcement in Thule, Greenland. A WTC assassin detonates an ice sheet, killing several people including Tisdale.

Soon after that, Robin and Sheldon’s relationship escalates. Senator Lampson is enraged, vowing to stop all of them and to open the Wildlife Refuge for oil drilling. Meanwhile, floods; wildfires; methane escaping from melted permafrost; and strange migrations of plants and animals escalate.

Emory embarks on a perilous journey that takes him from crumbling Shishmaref, Alaska to McMurdo Station, Antarctica to investigate. The Ross Ice Sheet caves while he and a glaciologist are en route to an ice core drilling site. Their Sno-Cat falls deep into a moulin, a melt tube tunnel deep in the glacier. They survive, and Emory returns home, but Senator Lampson pressures Emory’s editor. His story is labeled alarmist, and he’s fired after it runs.

When the FBI collects enough evidence on the subversive activities of World Tech Central operatives, leading to Senator Lampson, they move in and arrest him.

While en route to Fairbanks, Sheldon tries to land his plane amid flooding conditions, and he can’t find Robin and Emory. Major cities across North America, Europe, and Asia are flooded because the jet stream has stalled. Sheldon recalls the first conference at Chena, when he and Emory first met Tisdale and formed an alliance. Sheldon has conquered his fear of commitment, and now he and Robin are engaged, just as the planet’s climate appears to be crumbling into chaos. He finally locates Robin and Emory but wonders what more they can do for planet Earth, and how he and Robin and the rest of the world will survive the current crisis and those to follow.


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